How MyCareBuddy Works

Your Care Buddy works around you! We have a number of options for how we work best with you, and are always open for you to tell us how you want to work with us. In most cases we follow a simple 4 step process...

Getting To Know You 

Your Care Buddy wants to understanding you as an individual, your requirements, preferences, and interests, as well as understanding your health and wellbeing needs. We talk to you and ask you to invite family, friends and health professionals in your life to contribute to your Care Buddy Plan. 


Head Office

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My Care Buddy  Pty Ltd

Buddy Matching Process

The Buddy Matching Process ensures that you are matched with a person that can exceed your requirements, and have common interest. This helps you and your care buddy have a good working relationship and a positive experience for all. 

Daily Calls & Reports

Your Care Buddy will call you, each and every day that you want them to. Helping make sure you get the news from the family, updates about your area's of interest, help you report on daily living activities and health goals to your circle of family, carer's and friends, and see if there is anyting you need help with. Every interaction is reported to the people you want to keep in the know, using the My Care Buddy CareVision apps. 

No Fixed Term Contracts

Start, Stop and put the My Care Buddy service on hold at any time. We fit in with your life, so you can go on holiday, take a break, and resume service at any time. 


Your Care Buddy

As you get older, you get wiser, and its a time to enjoy life and not sweat the small stuff. However, its usually that small stuff that builds up and eventually results in the loss of Independence.  Your Care Buddy calls each day to help take care of the small stuff, so you can focus on enjoying your life, independently, and with peace of mind. My Care Buddy facilitates all three levels of support services, from basic human and care needs, through to social and well-being needs,right through to aspiration lifestyle needs, to help you live the life you want. 

Some of the things Your Care Buddy can help with... 

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Your very own virtual assistant, nurse, care support and friend that checks in with you or your elderly parents on a daily basis to make sure life is running smoothly, reduce social isolation and help you live well. 

Keep track of medications

Arrange medical appointments with your Dr's

Arrange in home support services from a local care provider 

Report on wellbeing measures and guide you to take vital signs

Arrange for a cleaner, home maintenance, or food delivery

Help you pay bills online

Basic Human &

Care Needs

Motivate you towards your health goals, celebrate progress and address challenges

Provide a touch point for human conversation and interaction on a daily basis. 

Provide you with the latest updates from your family and local news

Update you on the topics you are most interested in

Facilitate video and voice calls between you and your family or other friends.

Update your family on your wellbeing.

Social, Wellbeing & 

Health Improvement

Conduct internet research for you and help you find the information you need. 

Share research results collated and posted to you. 

Arrange a holiday

Book tickets to the theater and arrange carer certified transportation

Inform you about social activities for people with similar interests in your area

Aspirations & 

Lifestyle Needs

Who is CareBuddy for?

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Anyone that wants the ease and convenience of a virtual assistant and concierge to keep them out of aged care and living in their own home.

Here are some of the testimonials from our happy customers.  

"After my husband died, my kids were on my case, thinking the roof was caving in and I wast coping with life. It was frustrating for everyone when they would call and nag me with a million questions. With My Care Buddy, I get a friendly helpful call each day, there is always something new to learn from  My Care Buddy, and they do help me get all the online stuff done like paying bills and finding information for me. My kids have backed off the idea of shipping me off to aged care too." 

Alice N, 74, Bella Vista, NSW

"I was on my own and my only daughter lives in Ireland, I had no one to help me and was fearful of having to give into the idea of aged care. My Care Buddy has helped me stay on top of things, and I can now see myself living a full life at home. My Care Buddy has helped me understand my care options, and while I dont need Home Care support just yet, I know who will help me when the time comes. Plus, they call everyday with exciting news and updates, that cheer me up and let me relax" 

Charles F, 68, Point Wellington, QLD

Elizabeth P, Darling Point, NSW

"I was going to throw myself off the balcony before I would go to one of those aged care places. I had heard stories. Fortunately My Care Buddy enabled me to stay in my own home, looking over the beautiful Sydney Harbor. My Care Buddy helped me keep my children up to date with how I was going, and this helped them realise I was doing much better than they thought."